WEITEK Driver Support
Weitek developed and manufactured a series of SVGA multimedia chipsets. P9000 and 9100 are known as the "POWER" systems. The chipset was consisting of two components, one drawing the graphics known as the P9000 and another handling the output, the VideoPower 5x86. While P9000 was designed for the VESA Local Bus standard, the P9001 was updated to work properly with the PCI bus. The final generation, the P9100, combined the P9001 and 5286 into a single chip.
To further accelerate video output, Weitek developed a coprocessor for P9100, called P9130 "Video Power". It was used for the Diamond Viper Pro Video cards.
Drivers below support all Graphics / Video Adapters based on Weitek POWER designs: P9000, P9001, and P9100.
All files are free for download:

  DOS Windows 3.x Windows 9x Windows NT 3.51 Windows NT 4.0 Linux OS/2 v2.1
VESA v2.5 v1.04 v3.51   Debian Xserver v1.1
  v2.55 v1.08b        
  Viper v2.04 Viper v0.90b Viper v1.40 Viper v2.04    
  Viper v2.1 Viper v2.15        
    Viper Pro Video v1.0        
  VidTech D-Systems v2.30   D-Systems    
W464   v2.20 v1.06        
W565   n/a          
5186   v1.20          
5286   v1.10