Processor brief
WTL 1064 math coprocessor, Motorola based
WTL 1067 math coprocessor, intel i286 based
WTL 1164
WTL 1165
WTL 1167 math coprocessor, intel i386 based
WTL 2048
WTL 2167 math coprocessor, intel i386 based
WTL 3164
WTL 3167 math coprocessor, intel i386 based
WTL 3170 math coprocessor, SPARCstation 1
WTL 3172 math coprocessor, SPARCstation IPC / SLC
WTL 4167 math coprocessor, intel i486 based
XL-3132 FPU processor, MIPS based
XL-8032 FPU processor, MIPS based
Weitek 4170 math coprocessor socket

WTL 8701 SPARC POWER µP, internal bus speed doubled

Weitek 8200 RISC processor, based on HP PA-RISC
Weitek 8200, 7.25 MHz embedded processor (e.g. used for Apple LaserWriter Pro 810)
Weitek 8220, 16/20/25MHz RISC processor

Most Weitek chip versions do not support DOUBLE PRECISION computations.
Use of single precision computations with the xxx387 coprocessor is not successful.