Weitek WTL 1167
This math coprocessor was the predecessor of the Weitek Abacus 3167. It was actually a small printed circuit board with three chips mounted on it. In contrast to the Weitek 3167, the 1167 did not have a square root instruction; instead, the square root function was computed by means of a subroutine in the Weitek transcendental function library. However, the 1167 did have a mode in which it supported denormal numbers. (The Weitek 3167 and 4167 only implement the 'fast' mode, in which denormals are not supported.) Overall performance of the 1167 is slightly less than that of the Weitek 3167.

Information © Norbert Juffa, Karlsruhe, Germany [excerpt of COPRO16A.TXT]