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These documents will help program most (all?) P9000 boards:

Weitek 408-522-7568
1. Power 9000 User Interface Controller Data Book (Oct 1992) 162 pgs.
2. W5186 User Interface Controller Data Book (Preliminary March 1992) 130 pg. (or equivalent for the 5286)
3. Power 9000 VL Bus Combination Board App. Note (March 1993) ~30 pgs.
4. Power 9000 EISA App. Note (September 1992) ~40 pgs??

Brooktree 619-452-7580 800-228-2777
1. Bt485 data booklet 41 pages - the Bt485 is the RAMDAC

IC Designs 206-821-9202
1. ICD2061 Data Sheet ~28 pages

If you have an OAK VGA chip instead of the w5186, get an OTI-087 manual from:

Oak Technology, Inc
139 Kifer Ct. Sunnyvale, CA 94086
1. (408) 737-0888 (408) 737-3838 (fax)

Reccommended reading for VGA programming and X-Server design.
"Programmers Guide to the EGA and VGA Cards" by Ferraro, Addison-Wesley
"The X Window System Server" by Israel & Fortune, Digital Press/Prentice Hall
"VGADriverDoc/VGADriver.Doc" by David E. Wexelblat, a file in the link kit,
on pub/Linux/X11/XFree86-2.1/XF86-2.1-lkit.tar.gz

You can get "Viper VLB Preliminary Programming Guide" from Diamond for $50 + shipping (?) which includes some valuable "secrets" about how to program the viper, and some sample code segments - most people get it without a mention of a non-disclosure agreement - so don't ask about NDA's.
408-736-2000 06:00AM-07:00PM Mo-Fr, 08:00AM-04:00PM Sa
408-730-1100 2.400kbaud
408-542-9301 9600-14400baud

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